Hominick is an inspiration!

Hominick's performance was outstanding! We were on our feet the whole time.

Hominik is definitely an inspiration, so to are the rest of the Canucks from that card.

I'm going to be forwarding my dry cleaning and carpet cleaning bill to Hominick.

The first time was when he covered my silver tie with blood after the in-ring interview I did with him when he defeated 'The Nordic Thunder'. I paid for that one myself, only cause we hugged each other before the interview...but not this time...

This Saturday, due to his victory, I spilt beer, Jack and Ginger, pretzels, wings and peanuts all over my shirt, jeans and friends carpet after he tapped out Edwards. After the liver shot, I sat up staring at Edward's face. Then the triangle...then the tapout, then Showdown Joe and his pals jumping in mid air, knocking everything all over the carpet.

I think it's only fair, especially since he keeps shaving his head like me...:)

Mark must have went to bed after the fight hearing Bas Rutten's voice going, 'LIVER SHOT...LEFT TO THE LIVER'.

Blake Fredrickson said it best...he is an inspiration to us all. Especially to the 145 lbs weight class in Canada...:)

TTT for Mark! I lost my voice on that one.


Amazing showing for Hominick and the rest of the
Canadians! What hands! Hope your father pulls through.

What a performance. WOW. Nice Job Dude!

Were the commentators watching the same fight I was? Mark was unloading and no comments? Glad to see him clean house. Especially since I told all the guys at work to watch the really white CDN boy kick ass. Big Future.

I just wanted to tell you how proud I am. It's been a long road since the dungeon in Cody Hall. I will call soon. I stayed up all night to follow because of the time difference. Give my best to your family and I hope to see you soon. Sooner than you think. You've always been a great fighter and a greater friend. I miss you buddy.

Your Roommate

Mark is amazing man not just a fighter!!!

he got exactly what he deserved!

plus i knew he could do it and bet on him thanks buddy for the couple hundred I made off you!!!!!1

Congratulations to Mark!!

I admit, I had tears in my eyes after that incredible performance.

I proposed to my girl after that performance!!


Congrats Chad!!! ( buy a boat now!~!!!!)