Hominick is an inspiration!

I have to say that Mark not only impressed me last night, but was a true inspiration. In today's MMA, there are few guys who you can admire and Mark is truly one of those guys. His work ethic is second to none and his performance against yves has motivated not just me but, many more canadian fighters out there as well. Congratulations to all of Team Canada for representing.

Blake is right and Mark is the kid every father would love to have.


True on all counts... it was great to see him at the weigh-ins the day before, awesome, but watching him win that fight was unreal.


I definately thought that Mark stole the show. What a great win.


Hominick stole the show too in my opinion.

Blake, when are we going to see you back in the TKO ring?

ps. I'd love to see Damacio Page against Ryan Diaz.

i was very impressed with Mark Hominick and Sam Stout. GSP was also impressive. congrats guys and all the best in the future.

Marco, I am 100% so I would love to fight in the next TKO. I am scheduled to fight in late May in Tacoma, my focus will be geared towards that fight until then. Diaz vs Page would definetly be exciting. Ryan is on top of his game right now.

Homnick's fight was the bomb. I was watching it with abuot 15 guys and the house went nuts when Edwards tapped.

I got totally choked up when Mark spoke to his dad post fight.

Mark if you read this forum, congrats on the win and I wish the best for your father.

My place went apeshit...

Drinks and food wa flying everywhere.

I ate an "Au Caramel" and pissed in a garbage can in Mark's honour (inside joke)


Awesome job Mark.

You continue to impress and you won me some money:-)

Chris Boreland

I was definetly nervous watching him fight, I was hoping for a good showing, I didn't expect that kind of showing, he dominated yves.
I hope his father is doing better

I was totally impressed by Hominick, what great technique, top and bottom! Took a tough fight and completely dominated.

Congratulations the best in your future efforts and all of Canada is pulling for your dad.


Mark beat him on the feet and then taped him on the ground!

Very inspirational!

Congrats to Mark and Team Tompkins!


Ronin MMA

He made me eat my words. I totally underestimated Hominick's punching power ... all I can say is wow! He dominated Yves in every part of the game.

Best of luck Mark and I wish you and your father tons of strength.