Hooters Girl on Jiu Jitsu site

www.budweiserworldcup.com One of the The Pro World Cups Budweiser Key Chain, Budweiser / Jiu Jitsu Beanie, and the Sweat towel. coming soon the offical Budweiser / Jiu Jitsu Ball cap and event shirts. The Hooters girl is from that location and she is Brazilian!

Let me be the first:

TF? Pics?

Let me be the second:

TF?? P!!


there's only 1 or 2 pics... here's one of 'em...

There will be a total of 15 girls there to help for scoring etc.. to help out! The one in the poster will be there. Don't forget free wings at that HOOTER'S location for all competitors.

How did you transfer the pic. Wolverine?

i just did the img src="path" html command... you gotta have a bluename to do it... =)


how do you know shes a jiujitsu chick?

Hooters is helping to sponsor the Budweiser Jiu Jitsu World Cup Jan 10th, all competitors get free wings at this location in Charlotte NC. That is why she is holding the Pro World Cup and Sweat towel.



will you be able to weigh-in the day before?

Yes at the same Place, Shriners Oasis Temple