hope Condit doesn't retire after that loss

the good news is it wasnt a fight that took years off his life

Hope he calls it a career if that shot inside the guard rocked him more than he expected. He's been amazing and I loved watching him back in the WEC. I don't want to see him go the Miguel Torres route. 

SkinnyJeanGenie - I'll be disappointed if he does, he's probably my favourite fighter, a fucking warrior.

No shame whatsoever in being submitted by Maia Phone Post 3.0
This. Hope he doesn't but if its in his mind he will need to do some soul searching of he wants to come back strong. I really hope he can do it. Phone Post 3.0

chrisbaker - Condit said one of the two significant shots landed by Maia was one from inside his guard and it rattled him more than it should have if that's true as much as I love me some NBK id rather see him hang em up at this point. Phone Post 3.0
This is the most worrisome part about it.

We might debate if he should go on while he might be losing his fighting spirit, but if it is true that he has being feeling punches a lot more lately, and that he was rattled by a "mild" shot, I believe the discussion should be over. Fighters safety over all things. Phone Post 3.0

He has nothing left to prove. He is the man and mma was just one chapter of his story!!!
That being said, he still will continue to be able to own most anyone lol. Phone Post 3.0

He was never one of my favorites, but I liked his attitude and his fighting style. It's sad that his career is on this down turn. I hope he sticks around, too. He's 32. That's not a young kid, but he should still have several good years left in his body to make an impact in this sport. Then again, everyone is different. 

I wish him well in whatever he does.