horn and liddell: a second time

why shouldn't these guys fight again?

it seems as though the UFC has been dissing horn ever since he lost to elvis(before that he was gearing up to take on tito) and hasn't been in the UFC since

chuck has improved in leaps and bounds since his loss to horn and is now top five in the world in his weight class

it makes sense to have tito/belfort and chuck/horn with the winners getting eachother and that winner fighting couture

or hell, just have chuck and horn fight again

what do you guys think?

Horn wants fights at 185 these days

seriously, why is horn is these lower level shows now?

since mid 2002 he has appeared in EB, EC, ICC, ICE, IFC, 2H2H, TKO, PXC, AFC, SF, gladiatorFC, UCC, WEC, and KOTC

wow, that's a lot of different organizations!

I see acronyms for about every fight org EXCEPT the UFC!

why is this?

I kind of hijacked my own thread, lol

but really, I am wondering why, because since his fight with yvel horn has had 6 decisions out of 19 fights...that's not that bad

and before the yvel fight(counting the yvel fight) 11 decisions out of 69 fights!!!!!

that's pretty damn good

he is definately a finisher

but maybe it's because when it comes to the big show he doesn't cut it?



I think its because Chuck would lose and Jeremy isnt a draw. Jeremy vs  Chuck 2 = bad for business. Chuck is a great fighter who excites fans and wins the majority of the time. Jeremy has a style that isnt always the most exciting and stands a good chance of beating Chuck again. Jeremy has never been stopped standing by a striker(including chuck).. Chuck wins most of his fights standing with strikes.Jeremy has good takedowns and even though Chuck defends well, Jeremy sets them up in a way that makes his takedown really hard to stop.  I would love to see Horn Return to the UFC but I doubt the would give him Chuck. They would probably match him against a guy with strong sub skills because thats the kind of fighter that seems to give Horn the most trouble.

This fight doesn't make sense anymore. Not to mention I think Chuck would finish the job he started the first time.

I love the Ortiz vs. Belfort and Horn vs. Liddel idea! That would prove to get an awesome gate! Tournaments really help to put a logicla stamp on challenging the champ... Too bad politics always get in the way...

Just imagine if they could throw a unification in there somewhere so the winner faces Silva....
(I personally would love for Silva to avenge Belfort)...

I think Horn would beat Chuck again. He's good enough to avoid being KO'd and he'd eventually wear chuck out and choke him out again.

I don't think so, Horn seems to be more comfortable on the ground; but I think Chuck has proved he can stay off the canvas for 15 minutes. Horn can't take him down and would be forced to stand, I like Horn too much to see this happen....Chuck by TKO.


Horn wants to fight at least once a month, and makes a six figure income doing it. That's more than most guys in the UFC.

Guys like him don't need the UFC.

Horn took COuture down in their fight, I don't see why he couldn't take Chuck down. Horn does set up his takedowns very well, has solid striking himself, and a good chin.

Great fight

Zuffa blows!

"unfortunately dana white is a retard who doesnt listen to fans"

Wrong, Dana has listened to fans over the years and has even given us what we wanted from time to time.

Just because he doesnt listen to every request doesnt make him a retard. (all though the Boxersize pics may make him look that way) :)