Hot Rod Gracie VS Sakurai

Rodrigo fights Sakurai in just a few days and nobody in here seems to give a crap?

I don't think it's even been mentioned........

What gives? Am I the only one buzzing bout this one?

I say Hot Rod WINS in Grand Fashion!

Skurai by ko.

"Hot Rod" will win a boring decision.

Agreed, he'll win in much the same fashion as he did against Takase.

How come everyone always says that Rodrigo's fights are boaring, I watched them and he looks very good to me, what is so boarding about them

I think Rodrigo is the best Gracie!
Takase is the boring one, did u see takase X Sakurai? Was a boring decision.
Rodrigo will win Sakurai

"How come everyone always says that Rodrigo's fights are boaring, I watched them and he looks very good to me, what is so boarding about them"

I saw Rodigo's fights against Matsui, Sasaki and Takase, and I didn't find them very exciting. That said, I also think he's very good and well-rounded, possibly top 5 at MW.

Mach will win IMO

He had to cut weight for this fight ,he's maybe 5 lbs over Sakurai. He's been training really hard for this fight and he's been training with the best!
From ADCC:
Rodrigo Gracie Speaks

Rodrigo Gracie has not had an easy NHB career. His 4 - 0 record hides the depth of the competition he has faced. After submitting Kyle DE Mello by rear choke in 2000, it took 2 years for Rodrigo to make his second professional NHB fight. That occured in Pride 19, no less, against the experienced and tough Daijiru Matsui. Matsui at the time had 14 professional fights with only two KO losses (Vovchanchin and Rua) despite having faced the likes of Silva, Belfort, Vovchanchin, Pele Landis and Quinton Jackson . In his first professional international fight Rodrigo submitted the resilient Matsui with a guillotine choke.

Continuing with his tradition of facing tough and experienced fighters, Rodrigo faced Yuki Sasaki and Daijiru Takase, two fighters with an insiders reputation of being much tougher than their records indicated. In both times again Rodrigo was successful.

This time Gracie returns to Japan to faced the best fighter he has ever faced, Hyato Sakurai. Sakurai made a name for himself with many Shooto victories and a second place in the Absolute Division of ADCc in 2000.

We caught up with Rodrigo for a quick interview prior to his departure for Japan:

KP - You are back in Bushido, this time against 'Mach' Sakurai, what do you think of him?
RG - I think he is a very good fighter, with a lot of experience. He is good on the ground, after all he was the runner up in ADCC and has very good strikes as well. IT si going to be a very tough fight!

KP - Sakurai has fought many times in Shooto and even U.F.C. What is his most dangerous characteristic?
RG- He is very good standing. Very explosive and likes to trade blows. He is a very complete fighter as I said, but I am coming prepared to challenge him. It is going to be fun!

KP -Are you changing your training for this fight?
RG- I train differently for each opponent. Renzo and I already have a special strategy for him. I have been training at Renzo's Academy in Manhattan with his help and Royce, Ryan ,Igor, Rolls Jr, Daniel, Fabio Leopoldo, Shawn Williams, Joe D'Arce, Jay Hieron and doing kickboxing with Keith Trimble at Bellmore Kickboxing.. I am going to be ready to rock and roll! '

Let's fast forward to the end of the fight and you come out victorious. Would you liek to face Sakuraba and avenge the family?
RG - Absolutely, he should be next! I would like that VERY MUCH!

ttt for "Hot Rod"

Good luck Rodrigo! Does anybody know who went to Japan to corner for him this time?

I think Renzo might be.

Rodrigo is awesome- and a super nice guy. He'll beat Sakurai by either submission or decision this weekend.

Renzo told me last week he was going to Japan with him-maybe Ricardo will too (just a guess...)

LMAO @ Mike @ RGTV's 5th grade spelling.

BORING not boaring or boarding (lol).

ttt for rodrigo!

ttt for rodrigo

rod by beat down.


Will Mach return to form or will Rodrigo prove he's ready for the big leagues?

(only prob is that mach is a ww and rodrigo is mw, right? though machs nat. weight may be close to rodrigo's).

Really good matchup imo.

GO Mach!

gracie by decision