Houston Alexander Talks UFN 15 and more (radio)


We (MMARated.com) spoke to Alexander about a whole host of topics just a day before tomorrow night's huge fight at UFN 15 against Eric Schafer:

* Any extra-added pressure fighting in Nebraska?

* Pre-fight routines

* Snapping his two-fight losing streak* What went wrong in his last two losses?

* Are his 15 minutes of fame up?

* Signing an extension with the UFC despite the losing streak

* Turning down sponsors so he can continue to rock his Nebraska Cornhuskers' hat

* Raising six kids on his own

All that plus a little hip hop history and "The Assassin" counts down his top three hip hop artists of all-time.

TTT for later 

I have to disagree with his top 3 hip-hop artists for sure. Hip hop is much more about specific albums for me than entire careers(which Houston uses as his reason for BIG not being ranked top 5). In my opinion there is only so much one can do in a specific style as a rapper if they are constantly trying to improve. Because of this, I find myself putting Nas, Wu-Tang Clan and BIG high up on any lists I would make due to them all having specific albums that are amazing. While BIG may have only made two albums before he died, they blow anything Jay-Z has ever spit out of the water imo. Cool to see KRS-One getting props from him though.