How bad a position is this?

How bad is this position on a scale of 1-5?
1 = not too much to worry about at this point, provided you don't do something stupid
5 = your guard is about to be passed

The position: I am sitting up on the mat and my opponent has his arms wrapped around my thighs very tightly.

My approach in this position has been to panic, lean forward and grab one of his legs with one of my arms (almost like a wrestling "switch" position), and try to scramble from there. Its exhausting and I have to believe there is a better way. Maybe its because this position reminds me of being on the verge of giving up points in a wrestling match.

Watching adcc, I see guys get in positions all the time where it seems their guard will be passed, yet they often manage to reclaim it.

Is there a way I can maintain this position without danger of my guard being passed and gradually work to reclaim my guard without a massive scramble?

stiff-arm his face and shrimp out.

A few guys at my school do this. I keep his face on the same side as he is trying to pass with a stiff-arm and shrimp. You can also afford to sit up and butt scoot your legs out.

Oh, I give it a 3 in urgency because the legs are controlled.

belt grab sweep

stiff arm head to side hes passing and up in base and try to end up in top turtle.

You guys are ignoring my 1-5 trouble rating system -- this would have revolutionized message board descriptions of moves/situations....

Baroquen Record - stiff arm head to side hes passing and up in base and try to end up in top turtle.

What do you mean by "up in base and try to end up in top turtle?" You mean keep working my hips out until I can try to sprawl on him with him turtling underneath me?

i mean stiff arm his face with one hand put the other hand on the floor behind you and try to pull your bottom leg out 1st then either turn to get out of the single or sprawl.

if that doesnt work you can stiff arm the face same way but pull your top leg out and recover guard itll end up like sitting up guard but one of his arms will be between your legs so its an easy armdrag to back.

This is not an overly easy situation to block. Like everybody says, your first option is to stiff arm his face/armpit and push his head to the side and down as you escape your hips, getting up on your elbow, as close to turtle as you can.

If that fails and he gets his head across your body, so you can't stiff arm it, you need to trap the near arm under him with a sleeve grip and threaten with the belt grab sweep. You may end up stalled in this position for awhile. If he really spazzes hard trying to get his trapped arm free, he will typically open up enough space to execute a side control escape back to guard.

Roll HARD to one side or the other.

Either he loosens up his grip and you can extract your knees, or he gets rolled over onto his back.

you should be able to push one of his arms down past your knee, and bring your knee up to your chest, shrimp, then bring your other knee out

Get a collar grip & stiff-arm so that your knuckles are pushing on his collar bone. Put your other hand on the mat behind you for base. You are then pushing him back with your fist & sliding you legs out at the same time. Turn your wrist slightly down to really jam your knuckles into the collar bone, he will not be able to come forward. This is very painful for him, & should allow you to at least clear your legs up to the knee, then shrimp out.

This move must be done right when he hugs your legs, if he's already passing, it's probably too late. At that point, I go with pushing the head & shrimping as others said.