How bout an Official UG Ventrilo server?

MMA is definetley a niche sport for people, so I'm assuming many of you don't have many friends to watch or discuss fights with. Most of us can easily tell a hardcore from a casual fan within 30 seconds of talking MMA. So I was thinking maybe the MODS of this forum could potentially buy a Ventrilo server and have fun MMA/Fight discussions while the fights are on. If there are any assholes, just ban them from the chat. Anyone else think this would be a good idea?

Or you can just do a big ass Skype call. Phone Post

ISW - 

Or you can just do a big ass Skype call. Phone Post

I would rather have push to talk so the audio doesn't get flooded with everyone screaming when something exciting happens.

pidgey - i thought about setting up an IRC channel, maybe it's better than a talking room where more than 3 ppl can get messy.

Great idea

Let's set one up for this UFC Phone Post

This will be the first time in awhile where I'm actually going somewhere to watch fights so I won't be able to join. I think this would be a lot better than having to waste time reading/typing in a discussion thread.