How can she slap 2.0

This sh*t is still real to folks in central Oregon.

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

lol. Wiskey Tango. All we need is Jerry Springer as the ring announcer.

Should have flying armbared that chick.

Why do people cheer when a woman hits a man, and it's not even acceptable to fight back?

Thats some high quality entertainment there!

She almost the whole thing

Is it me...or does the guy saying, "Fuckity fuck fuck your brother fuckity fuck!" seem a wee bit intoxicated?

 That girl is great. Someone get her on the UG.

early stoppage by the ref in my opinion

Kirik -  That girl is great. Someone get her on the UG.

I'll see what I can do.


 Desert Brawl is run by none other than the legendary JT Taylor!

is that pro wrasslin'?

I think the guy may have thought so...but she was REALLY convincing if she was acting.

 What the fuck is up witht that dude. It looked like some local wrestling pre match hype interview. Couple of total faggios

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!