How did Cabeza (GB USA) do at Copa

He's a purple 189lbs?? How was his matches??

I dont think he competed cuz he showed up late with the rest of the Gracie Barra guys. So they didn't have a last minute match for him. Is Cabeza really that heavy at 189lbs!?! Oh wait... I forgot that Im at 185lbs myself. =(


Its not that easy to say he showed up late, what actually happened was Cabeza was given the wrong time 3 times by Cleber. He actually showed up earlier than Cleber told him to, but it was too late. It would have been awesome to see him compete, he is amazing on the mat, trust me.
As far as being 187, he is a strong at the weight, no FAT!!!

kcher - I can vouch that Cleber thats not Cabeza's fault. I've rolled with Cabeza before and ate lunch with him. He can scarf down 4 bowls of soft serve like no other!


I finished training with Cabeza a couple of weeks ago while I was at GB USA. His game is tight. We are around the same size, same belt, hes younger(I'm 37, he's 23). He schooled me every time we rolled. It was wicked!! He's going to be a force to deal with at the PanAms.