How Did Droog "Bad Brad" Fare?

In Friday night's KOTC?

Just found the results @ a web site: Brad snares the W with a first round knockout. Potent! Way to go.

TTT for Brad

Any other results?


nice job brad


Thanks, I was surprised to see my old Droog, Don Richards, in the my opponents corner.

Never heard of the fella you knocked out Brad. Where was he from?

He is from Canada but is James Lee's guy.

O.k. thanks - potent. Congrats again.

I betcha all your sanda comps have supplemented your mma game nicely, aye?

I'll try and make it to your next fight.

Yeah, the Sanda has helped a lot. It just took a bit for my ground to come back from a 4 year break. lol But it feels good and gets better each time.

Good shit Brad!

How did Harper do?

Harper won by KO in the 3rd. He kneed the guy in the head.

I'm suprised it took him so long, do you know who he fought?

I don't know the guy but he was pretty tough.

Sorry about that Brad it's athletics man nothing personal. Jerome is part of MASH and I am the BJJ coach there. James sprung cornering him on me right before the fight. You fought great though! I felt awkward about cornering him as I had only worked with him once a while back. I hope there is no hard feelings bro I have to do my job. The same thing would have happened had you and Angelo fought. I have trained with and am friends with almost all the fighters around here so I get put in tough spots all the time.

That dude Harper fought was a beast man really, really strong and heavy handed. Harper took some big shots and a couple good slams but like the warrior he is he came out with the win and a nasty KO.

Just watched it...Sweet B!!

Don, who the hell dont you corner in that show..LOL. My god man, you are busy:)

I love when guys come out with the corner, their traning partners, the family, a few friends, and some other dude they met in th back.