how did everyone do at the arnold?

how did you guys do at the arnold's?

won first in the purple belt light heavyweight and the amateur no gi 170-185. 8 matches total. was a good weekend.

Our team brought home 9 medals to Texas, I feel that everyone that went did great, showed improvement ect. I felt really good at my weight with the gi.

I did the amateur mma event at the arnold instead of the jiu-jitsu event this year. I took first in the 185 lb novice division. Novice being modified pancrease rules instead of full mma.

Hey, kissmyabjj, were you the purple belt that was trying to make weight up in the warm up room on sat., that had my big heavyweight friend brian(with blonde hair) roll with you a little to try to cut the last of the weight? It was pretty funny to see him look so lost, especially when you were already tired and taking it easy on him, if that was you.

yes sir that was me.

Thanks for helping him warm up then. I had repopped my bad shoulder out on the tuesday before the event, so I had to stay out of any rolling until sunday when I competed to give it a chance to be at full strength. So I couldn't get in there and work with him to help him warm up myself. And no one else with us there on sat. could have made him have to work much anyhow, since he's so much bigger than the rest of the guys.

It was my first big tournamet and I was too nervious and wishing I hadn't entered at times before the fights. But then I got silver in my division and can't wait to compete again!

2 silvers, white belt msters gi and gi open.

1st place brown belt super super heavy.I won the $$ match

on points 6-2.I lost first round in the pro no gi
to Lionel Perez(again) on points.