How did u score the 1st edgar bendo fight?

Rewatching in on fuel tv and so far have it

Round 1 Edgar
Round 2 Bendo ( upkick sealed it)
Round 3 Bendo but barely Phone Post

Why does edgar let go of back control so quickly?

4th Edgar but by a hair. Phone Post

5th edgar

Very close fight. But with the way the rounds are judged and bc edgar was thw champ i think he should of gotten the nod.

No doubt frankie took more damage and Bendo did control the octagon more.

Could have gone either way. Phone Post

Your scoring is pretty much how I had it.

1st - Edgar
2nd - Bendo
3rd - Bendo
4th - Nerely even 10-10 round
5th - Edgar


Edgar won both fights Phone Post

Benson Henderson Win 17-2 Frankie Edgar Decision (split) UFC 150 August 11, 2012

Benson Henderson Win 16–2 Frankie Edgar Decision (unanimous) UFC 144 February 26, 2012

I haven't watched it since shortly after it happened, but I had it a close 3-2 for Edgar Phone Post

henderson clearly won the first round with the kicks to the calves. Frankie won the four other rounds or at worst 10-10.

49-46 edgar.