How did Vladdy look this weekend?

Did he look like he might content at 205? I'd like to see him fight Coleman or Tito.

Personally, Ortiz should've been fighting Couture and Matyushenko should've been fighting Coleman. But that's just me.

 I've heard only good things about his performance and Pokrajac was a decent opponent.

 vlad had his moments but gassed and it went to decision. he was even taken down and mounted by the kickboxer

Is Pokrajac a kickboxer? I thought his base was BJJ/Wrestling.. has some great "information" about this fight :)

I think he probably lost the first round, but was fairly dominant after that. Both on his feet and on the ground.

He looked like he made a lot of adjustments to his striking since the Nogueira fight, and they were working well for him

I trained with Vladdy a few times and he will always be one of my favorites. I thought he was going to be the best lightheavy in the world.