How do I set up a MMA event?



I think it is important that you choose a "flavour" of the event that will make people (also the fighters) know what to expect, and will be useful in the marketing. The fighters and the set of rules. The sound (DJ?) and lighting (lightmen).

You need manpower. There's always concerns that will need adressing. Depending on your event profile, you may need accommodations and other arrangements for the fighters. And the cleanup afterwards is the moment at which you don't want to discover that everybody is tired and it's nobobdy's job.

Observe the flipside and consider each and every role in the event. What would a fighter respond to and expect? What would audience respond to and expect? What about the venue owner?

I think it is best to have your first event scaled down and try at least break even financially. To get a feel of the work involved, and what the populace in your area respond to.

That's a great suggestion Hab.

21. Insurance

22. money (of course)

23. DJ and lighting

This website has everything that you need if you sanction with the ISCF.  It is low cost and quite comprehensive.  Email me if you need help: .  Good luck.