How do I set up a MMA event?

I would really like to set up a small amateur MMA event in my area. I have almost no clue on how to set an event like this up.

I do know that I may have access to a great well made cage to fight in and a number of hungry amatuer fighter that live in my area. I also have plenty of friends that know people and that will help me out.

What are the steps in setting a MMA event up? I know people get sponsors to help out usually. How much $$$ are we talking about to get this off the ground? I would like to make a little $$$ or at least break even.

Please give some info. I wanna know if this possible thing for me or if it is an unattainable dream.

My advice would be talking to people that have already done it.Promotors,and Match Makers.Maybe even some managers.

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That is why I am posting this question here. So I can get input from those people.

For some help here.

I promote the Talon Challenge in TX. You can email me any questions you have, and I will answer them the best I can.

What state are you in?

Doesnt really have to have a cage.

Thanks Wade.

I saw one of your shows in November of 02'in Corpus Christi, TX. It was a great show. That is exactly what I would like to do minus the alcohol.

Shawn, I am in Guam, USA.

I thought a cage would be safer. Anyway a cage may be easier for me to get because my BJJ coach has a friend who built one.

You can rent cages by the way.Shipping to Guam though might be really expensive.

Do you have a venue?

There aren't any laws against MMA in Guam, are there?

actually their is scheduled to be a pro show pretty soon in Guam with some tough fighters including No Love Clementi and Big John Dixson. I suggest you get with that promoter and maybe volunteer to help him out with everything for free. It will get you an inside look EXACTLY how things need to be ran in guam.

There was 2 MMA events here in January. So I know MMA is very legal. At each event there was 5000+ people. So you could say MMA is pretty popular here.

They used the university's field house for those events. I wouldn't want a show that big. I would probably want to use a smaller place. There are tons of warehouses around here that I might be able to use.

Thanks KBreezy, I will check into the next show and see if I can learn a thing or two from the promoters here.

Ok in the meantime I would like to start a list of things I would need to have a successful amateur MMA event. PLEASE people ADD or clarify things, cause like I said I know next to nothing about throwing an event:

1. the cage (or ring)

2. a venue to hold the event (with seating of course)

3. qualified people to judge

4. doctor

5. qualified referees

6. MMA fighters (with proper safety equipment and gloves)

7. ambulance and EMTs on standby

8. Timekeeper

9. Security

10. M.C. (announcer)

11. Belt or trophy for the winner

12. Advertisement

13. Sponsors

14. Outlets to sell your tickets

15. Refreshments at event

16. Permits from the local government agencies? (someone clarify this for me)

17. Waiver signed by the contestants

18. Solid set of rules

19. Complete physical exam of the fighters with a green light by doctors.

ok... thats all I can think of please add to the list or correct me.

Don't forget ring girls!


20. ring girls

lots of work...

emailme what questions you have, I will see what I can help you with.


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