How do you beat Vitsaly Klitschko?

First, if Kirk Johnson had come into this fight without the spare tire around his waist, do you guys see it any differently? I certainly don't. What would have been Johnson's gameplan tonight if he had come in at lets say 235? How would Evander in his prime have fought against Vitaly, or Ike Ibeabuchi?

Scary thing is, Vitaly looked a lot better tonight than he did against Lennox.

With what strategy do you guys see a 6'2'' fighter beating Vitaly, without a lottery shot?


Word homie. Lol. ttt

I think he's a fighter that could definatly be beaten by KO, TKO, decision, or DQ.

After watching him against Johnson his immediate weakness is in his carrying his left down around his hip. That will always leave him vulnerable to a good right.

If he uses his height and reach correctly it will be very hard for the smaller guys in the division to land it, but it's still an opening. If he were to fight Lewis again and I was training Klit I'd be working on trying to get him to get that hand up around his chin.

Also, he's still a little stiff in his movement, but it does look like his movement is definately getting better than it was in the past.

Vitali's movement looked a little better. In general, considering how bad Johnson looked physically I wouldn't go calling Vitali invincible. He did what he was supposed to do against a fighter who was gasping for air after the first round.

How do you beat Vitali???

You cut him and work it.

potugese-not exactly what i meant by strategy.

joe ray-yes he did, he didn't look as stiff, and he was faster.

I think that a fighter Johnson's size, but with less girth, should get inside and work from there. Thing is-if your shorter, the bigger dude reefs on you, so you get tired faster.

So is that really the best option?

Here's how.
You either pressure him with or box his ears off,no
in between or you are as good as finished.I believe
the only people who can frustrate him into submission
are Chris Byrd and Roy Jones jr because of their
illusiveness.Other wise you need a big heavy wieght
with better handspeed that puts on relentless