how do you clean your mats?

After class what do you use to keep the mats clean? What is the best chemical to use to kill germs but save the mats?

oh thats must be like the belt deal, never wash it right?

LOL at washing matts.

simple green soap and water.

People wash mats? Whoa! What'll they think of next?

thanks for the simple green idea...

we use bleach in hot water. we dont really measure it though so im not going to be like "one part bleach to three parts water" or whatever. we just dump it in the bucket. we get crazy mutant ringworm if we dont clean them every night.

when i used to wrestle we used bleach and water but we were lucky if it was once a week

Bleach and water

Whoever decides what should be used in high school wrestling rooms across the country says there is no substitute for bleach and warm water. They've suggested this for the last 3 or 4 years straight, I think they suggest 1 to 4 or something like that.

ok cool, thanks...

Bleach kills more germs than alchohol.  I use pre-measured packets I got from wreslingone.

When I was wrestlin we had to mop them shit with some type of disinfectant soap and hot water thats about it. Our team never had ring worm, so whatever we were usuing was good., The simple green sounds very familuar possibly it was that.

Clean Mats? Never. Our instructor says his mats clean themselves with sweat drippin's, foot smears, and infected scab flakes.

pretty cool huh? ----------- I wish this ringworm would go away so I could get back to training.

Bleach and water