How do you fill an unfilled bag?

I was looking to buy a muay thai heavy bag from online and they sell some that are unfilled. What do you fill these bags with? How much does it cost?


I took mine apart. It was filled with plastic bags full of sand (size of a large ziplock but heat sealed) and shreaded rags.

All my sand bags were on one side of the bag, one punch would feel fine, the next, like hitting the wall.

Stand the bag up. Put one sand bag in the center of the bottom of the bag. Then put a layer of rags arround and on top of the sand bag. Then put the next bag on top of that and continue on up.

I use the corpses of my opponents. You have to change it a little more often but the feeling of actual human flesh cannot be substituted.

I hear ya Yelm

Best is tire shavings.

Also, celery and egg whites.

I'll have to agree with the Prada wearing Diva

Old clothes

Pack it tight by smashing it down with a bat.

I cut off the buttons, snaps and zippers with mine.

I thought of doing the same thing, but after asking around I decided to buy one that was filled. Evryone I talked to had too many complaints about filling there own bag. The filled one costs more but it's worth svaing on the hassle.


Kittens are good fill material. Takes a while to find enough of them though...

I used rock salt. A year later I checked the status, and it looked like table salt.

If you want to be a really hard puncher fill it with quick dry concrete.

ps The body parts is a good idea but after a while it gets a little smelly and you have to start lying to your neighbors and policemen about the smell etc...

From light to hard

Shredded paper and cardboard


ground rubber



cement powder

I'm a big fan of ground rubber, you can buy it cheap from places that grind up old tyres.

I fill mine with small japanese men

As a couple of people said, tire shavings from a
retread place are great. They may let you have free
if you ask nice, too. It is a little too solid for me, so I
layer retread shavings with rags.

there should be a hole in the top.