How does a BJJ blackbelt....

get the mount on an opponent multiple times against a K1 stud with limited grappling experience and not attempt one submission?

I think if Silva would have attempted one submission from the mount he hould have without a doubt won that fight.

Pride has shown in the past that getting the takedown and controlling your opponent is not enough without attempting to finish the fight.

scared to lose position

I saw at least a few sub attempts from Silva.

Very early in the fight he did attempt a few. But after he got rocked he didn't do anything with dominate position. I'm sure he had a head full of cobwebs.

I really wish he would've went for at least 1 armbar from the mount!

he is certainly not the only bjj black belt to do this... i.e. arona and joe morreira come to mind

No, but usually he knocks people out and that is enough.

It was pretty obvious early that he was not gonna KO Hunt.

He had position and didn't try to finish. Thus the first blemish on his record in a few years.

I'm a huge Silva fan, but I think that he didn't capitalize on opportunities to win the fight, by decision or sub.

His limited time to gameplan may have alot to do with this, and I think he would be more aggresive on the ground in a rematch.

Props to Hunt for getting out of the subs he did early.

I think he was badly rocked by Hunt, didn't want to be on the bottom and was groggy also.

I remember him having like an americana from mount, very tight and deep, with the arm starting to bend.. and Hunt got a desperation reversal.

It's a fucked up position to get reversed from, because you end up in the guard, holding on to an arm with absolutely no leverage.


sigh Ok I'll do it, give me his fucken number. Do I have to do everything around here?

"desperation reversal"???

WTF, that escape was pretty smooth for someone with relatively short amount of time in grappling.

The fact of the matter is that silva thought if he could just survive and sit on him that the judges would give him the win. He didnt want to risk being beaten without a doubt.

PS. Hunt won.

What bothers me about Silva's subs is that he doesn't seem to go through with them. He gets them tight but he seems to always let go. Yes he may lose position but he has so many good chances to submit his opponents. If he can just up that part of his game then i think he'll be ready to decisively defeat his heavyweight opponents.

how many of us have fought someone with that much weight and that much punching power? Silva stepped up and fought a huge guy and has cried about it at all. He loses for the first time in 3 or more years and now he sucks? He's stepped up against more heavyweights then Tito or any other middleweight have over this period!

I don't think I or anyone else said he sucked. He's my fav. fighter by far and I think he would've won with 1 or 2 sub attempts from the mount.

He'll be back and better than ever.

A lose against Mark Hunt is nothing to hang your head about,but he had missed some opps. to when that fight w/out a doubt in the world.

You guys ever heard of this guy named Randy Couture?He fought at heavweight for years with some of the best guys in MMA and dominated most of them and he fights at Lightheavy now so he gets more respect from me.