How does Lister prep for Okami?

listeria via sub rd 1

ttt this when it happens

Two words: rubber guard.

"Okami will TKO him."

Right, like everyone else has.

Does Lister have his own gym in San Diego? Who trains there?

 Lister needs to go Train Judo with Train Judo so he can hit him with some unexpected throws and control him from top

Practice legal up kicks!!!

ChokeEmOut -  Lister is terrible...cannot strike to save his life. Okami will TKO him.

you didn't see his last fight...striking has improved.

Okami is going to Tap!!

...Not trying to do a a+b=c but Dean lost a split decision in a competitive fight to Suloev in which Suloev Ko'd Okami in the 1st round...

That is hilarious. Not only do you do a weak sauce comparison, but you use one that brings up a fight from nearly five years ago when Okami was a freakin' newbie.

Dean's fight with Suloev was 5 years ago, That was Okami's 7th fight and Dean's 9th.

Besides, the comparison made wasn't to be concrete..just a little something to consider when people constantly pick Lister to be ko'd every fight he's in.