How does Rogan and everyone NOT know the rule?!

Fingertips have NOTHING to do with it!

"to be grounded, both hands and feet, palm/fist down, and/or any other body part must be touching the fighting area floor."

For sure both palms weren't down. Dan still is to blame for asking for help, but it's his job and certainly Joe's job to at least have read the rules one time...



the rules is miserable

It frustrates me to no end how completely ignorant the broadcast team is of the rules. Even Ratner gets shit wrong half the time (Tim Means v. Cowboy Oliveira, he thought it was a legal knee). They were all incredibly confused by a situation that I personally found rather straight forward. This was simply a bad call by Dan. He thought the knee was illegal. Replays showed it wasn't but the NYSAC doesn't allow for video replays of fouls. He shouldn't have even been told that the knee was legal. But because he reacted to the shot as if it were illegal, you go with ref discretion. So Weidman should have been given the 5 minutes, which he was. Then for whatever reason, the doctor stopped the fight because they viewed Chris to be unfit to continue.

This situation is no different than when baseball had no instant replay. Used to be that if an umpire said you were out, you were out. Didn't matter how many times they showed the replay or if they showed the ump the replay, his call was his call.

The situation wasn't confusing. The broadcast and Marc Ratner's confusion is just not a good look.

I think it's pretty obvious that the doc stopped the fight because they had to have a way out of the situation. to restart it would be even more fucked up. to just say he was unfit was the path of least resistance

What kills me is rogan is screaming about how it was an illegal knee, then he's mystified when he sees the replay that dan can't tell it was legal