How does the HG feel about leg locks?

OG legend MR BIG1 showing one of his tricks.

beautiful sweep. i like. i finish the bar a bit different though...

i had no idea kurt rambis did bjj

lol at kurt rambis.

guy on the bottom looked like he was getting raped by a guy from devo.

FC, I think you got the sweep didn't you? Slick move

I'm pretty sure a roll-under from that set-up would probably lead more to a scramble. I just don't care for that pendulum, what stops the 50/50? I'm sure this has it's uses, though.

If the guy I'm rolling with is proficiant with leg locks and kneebahs I no mind, if not I no like. I'm too old for that kind of injury

 Imma have to agree with White, top guy leaves his leg extended throughout the move.  Not very realistic IMO

I'm kind of curious why someone would stand when they are double overhooked? The guy just gave you 2 free underhooks, especially in no-gi.

Also with his pass, I stopped hugging on the shoulder for my underhooks.

Solid sweep though - I'm going to play around with that one.