How easy is it to pull guard?

First off let me say personal fighting experience involves boxing and not much else.

Now to the question. I often see people say "He should have pulled guard." Is it that easy?

I know it's not hard to pull guard on a guy trying to take you down or trying to play the clinch game. But what about the guy trying to avoid the clinch and the ground all together. How do you pull guard on a guy like that, especially after you've failed taking him down conventionally? Seems to me to even try you need to get close, and pretty much bring your head and hands down, which might not be a good idea against a guy trying to knock you out.

To be honest, I cant recall a guy pulling guard on a fighter who could stuff his takedowns, and didnt want to go to the ground at all. The closest ive seen is butt scooting and luring guys in, and guys who jump guard, just to be held up on the fence/ropes until a restart. I'm not gonna go into how bad this will hurt you chances of winning a decision, because if youre pulling guard youre probably already losing the fight on points.

For those who know and have done it, how do you pull guard on a guy you cant take down, and doesnt want to grapple all together?

must not be too easy

lister vs. sakara is the most recent example i can remember but u r right. it certainly not easy and definitely not a good idea against someone who knows what he is doing.

...and bring your opponent into it with you or how hard is it to bee jay jay flop?

nogueria has never done what I am talking about. Sapp had no desire to avoid the ground game. When mino rolled over after those shots, sapp simply followed him down. Fedor also just went with it.

In the crocop fight, Nogueria tried to shoot/ pull guard and failed repeatedly in the first rd. As soon as rd. 2 started, he shot and scored a traditional takedown, not a guard pull.

Lister Sakara is a decent example, but Dean was able to get some normal takedowns as well.