How famous is Fedor in Russia?

I was surprised to see Putin and even Berlusconni watching the fights. I'm pretty sure they weren't there to see Matt Lindland although he is an Olympic silver medalist.

And don't even get me started on JCVD. He's no Chuck Norris but he's right up there in the group of martial arts action movie stars.

Having world leaders ringside is impressive.

Anyone I've ever spoken to from Russia online (outside of MMA forums) has never had a clue who Fedor was. I'm sure having Putin there got him some more exposure though.

I'm not sure I'd want Putin taking an interest in me.

Want this to happen to you?

Keep talkin shit about Mr Putin.


a city champ actually (Putin) he was actually good at judo, not just a club black belt

(he also has a judo book out, but I haven't seen it)

yeah i remember seeing some footage of Putin in a gi doing some judo demo's. I think he even let a little kid toss him.

Fedor is not mainstream popular in Russia, as the sport of MMA itself is not.

Putin was there because he's an avid martial arts guy, as well as a Master of Sport in judo and self-defense.