How far will the UFC go...

with naming their events by number? Nations Collide was UFC 70 and the next one is UFC 71: Liddell vs. Jackson, followed by UFC 72: Victory. I can see it maybe going to UFC 100 before they drop the number and just give the events catchy names, or have the event named for the main event like Liddell vs. Jackson. It would sound goofy to hear UFC 126 a few years down the road. It's not important, but it was just something I was thinking about.

they tried stopping the numbering but people were unhappy.

I like the numbers and event names, but I'd like them to come up with more original names. Some examples:

UFC 80 : Lay N Pray

UFC 97 : Most Holds Barred

UFC 100 : Kiddy-Fiddlers

I see the Fertittas marketing Pride very well in the future and selling the UFC to Dana. Then bad blood will come between them and the Fertittas and Pride will have no choice but to squash the UFC and Dana.

Somewhere around UFC 87, 2009-2010

Would that be 12/12/2012 canuck34?

"Would that be 12/12/2012"

According to who's calender? Will the world end on the 12th for New York, or wait a couple hours until the 12th in LA? And so on.......

"UFC 156 "Oh no you di'nt""

lol, sounds something out of the movie Idiocracy