How good is Leko?

I havent seen many K-1 events at all.

How good is/was Leko? He seems to suck pretty bad in Pride. Was he a tomato can in K-1? The announcers said hes been going through some injury problems. Is that why he looks so terrible in MMA?

He's beaten some really good fighters, like Bonjasky and Aerts in K-1, but he sucks out loud in Pride

Good in K-1 bad in Pride different ball game altogether,

He's just one of them slow bloomers?

great stand up fighter, ground work and take down defense needs work.

He lost to some turd who was trying to drop kick him "Rock and Roll Express" style. How good can he be?

"He lost to some turd who was trying to drop kick him "Rock and Roll Express" style."

You're a tard. Minowa is a very good fighter who at one point was top 10 in his weight class.

I thought I was going to cry when I saw him ko Aerts live.He was that good in K-1.

In Pride he has yet to show it because he fights these Japanese wrestlers who keep taking him down.

I personally found the his opponent pure genious. You fight a pure striker that dealt with straight up guys all his life. He had short anti td training so prolly sprawl is the only thing he knows and maybe knows how a couple of subs look like.

Minowa comes in with stuff that the guys never seen before and is able to just confuse Leko enough to only eat a kick or two and a sloppy one at that. Pure briliance. If you can throw an opponent off his game that's 1/2 the battle at least. When you throw him into yours that's another 1/4. Then it's just a bit of luck and you good.

One of my most fav fighters, Genki Sudo, does that stuff all the time. He hanged with K-1 Max crowd fairly well just by offering them a style they couldn't dream up on the wildest batch of hash they could ever score.

I was there when he laid Aerts out with a nasty straight right. That was amazing. Very good K-1 fighter, but could never be GP champ. He has looked terrible so far in Pride. Poor guy.

He was a tough dude in K-1, and has some good wins behind him. He's always seemed a little inconsistent to me.

He's been training MMA at Golden Glory. I expected more from him, but some guys have the knack and some don't. He doesn't, apparantly, neither did Satake. Crocop and Hunt seem to be doing pretty well, the jury's still out on LeBanner. It's just really cool to have some well-regarded kickboxers in MMA, especially a Grand Prix champ like Hunt.