how good is lyoto of pride?

how good is this guy?

lyoto, antonio inokis protege.

the guy who ktfo of rich franklin on new years eve.

I am guessing he's pretty good

He has never fought in Pride. He competes in Inoki's shows and K-1 MMA.

He has accurate, sharp striking and a tight ground game. Undefeated so far, and is sort of a K-1 killer. He just beat Sam Greco by DEC in an MMA fight and has guillotined Michael McDonald previously.

I want to see him fight either Tamura or Rodrigo.


my mistake about the pride reference

my mistake about the pride reference


How was the Greco fight? Wasn't Greco complaining it was a bad decision?


bullshit decision......

Greco did very well. I am so impressed that he is taking MMA so seriously. (Unlike guys like Lebanner who lose via forearm choke)

The fight was really close, I thought it could be a draw. Lyoto did get mount many times and go for several subs. I want to see him fight more. HE is so strong and learns so quickly. Watching him defeat Stefan Gamlin (spelling) in his intro clip before the match was amazing. Perfect sprawl, took the guys back, then BAM! A rear naked choke.

TTT for two great fighters



is he being groomed for the axe murderer?

opinions on his chance?

pretty good now huh?

Had the big win over Franklin, but other than that his fights haven't been that impressive.

He knocked Rich Franklin TFO!

He recently fought in a K-1 show against some pudgy little guy. Boring fight, but he won.

This should help:

Ryoto Machida - Fighter Profile

Surprisingly, did not show willingness to stand and trade with BJ Penn.

lol at wild celtic!


LoboThaGod - Surprisingly, did not show willingness to stand and trade with BJ Penn.

Quoted for truth.