How Good is your class turn out in extreme cold?

I got to the gym a little early this morning but its 8AM and I don't see a single soul here. 2 dudes on the treadmills in the gym but its dead. its -7 F out. Bunch of weiners.

And i'm aware -7 isnt extreme cold, ive lived out mid east where it gets much colder. but for this region this is really cold.

East? I meant Weast!

South Dokata Phone Post 3.0

It's 40 degrees in my room. Cali , I don't use hvac Phone Post 3.0

I was the only one last night other than coach and his wife that fights. We've been iced and snowed in here though. Phone Post 3.0

-7 is pretty cold IMO. I've been in colder. But right how it's like 32 degrees where I'm at (warming up) and I'm a boat about to go diving :( Phone Post 3.0

Bigger crowd in the winter time for us.

Definitely slows down for winter here. Just off to teach now as it happens - numbers peak at around 20+, but when it's cold it's more like a hardcore 8-10.

Funny enough the class sizes are unaffected. Unlike when an NHL playoff game is on. Of course when no one shows up, our coach puts us through hell that night, and tells us if we want to avoid it next time to tell everyone to get their asses in there haha.