How is Bocek striking?

We know the kid can roll but how is his hitting , who is he training with for his striking.

doesn't matter cause his bjj is so good, from an armchair general's point-of-view; I hope he sticks to his bread and butter and submits his way to the top.

well it does matter because Edgar's wrestling is good with him being a former NCAA wrestler, and though Bocek's wrestling is also better than most realize and he can put Edgar on his back, there is still the chance that it wont happen right away away, or maybe one day down the road he may run into someone he can't put on his back. So the question is a fair and valid one.

I'd say it's his cheekbones and brow-line. Good, strong, structured face. The beard also captures ones attention.

I second the vote for RVT....I think I laughed myself to a brain aneurysm.

Bocek by 5 step heart punch.

Awesome...I thought they banned the 5 step heart punch.