How long before a promotion

How long should a student have to train under an instructor/affiliation before they can get promoted?

as long as it takes.

with consistent training it should take about 1 - 1.5 years for blue and 2 - 3 years more for purple. 2.5 - 5 years more for brown and 2 - 4 years more for black. theres are always exceptions to the rule.

What about students who had trained before as part of another affiliation?

it shouldnt matter if youre abilities and time training part of the equation i would think unless there was some weird politics.

I suppose until they meet the standards competitively, in terms of teaching skill, or in terms of abundant years in.

Often when a club changes affiliations everyone gets an upgrade, especially the head instructors. Sometimes its justified (see GAMMA in Montreal) . However, there are other cases where an instructor comes down, sees everybody once, and then does a ton of promotions. To me this gives the appearance of belts for cash.

If you have the skills you get the belt thats the way it seems to me. Whether it's six months or six years......

Gabriel Morares won Blue belt Mundial 2003(galo). This year he won Black Belt! He said in a interview he had a brown belt for a week!

I got my purple belt in 4 months. I would have liked to stayeda blue belt longer but,, thats how my instructor is. It just matters on how you are training and the time you are putting in.

If you are ready for your next belt I think it should be given. Andre Galvao won Brazilian Championships Pan Ams and everthing else year as a brown belt,,,,so why isn't he a Black Belt? You'd think he was ready?

What if the people getting promoted never competed, or if they did they never won. What if the instructor had never seen them roll?

"What if the people getting promoted never competed, or if they did they never won. What if the instructor had never seen them roll?"

Well IF they came to my club and I IF had never seen them roll or compete, they wouldn't be getting a belt from me. You have to earn it, in the eyes of who is promoting.

Got my Blue in about a year.

It took me another five years to make Purple at age 37.

I have no idea about Brown or Black. Just enjoying the ride.

Did you get you answers here kashk !

should be based soley on your abilities on the mat (performance against those at your belt level and one up) and your abilities to relate the info appropriate at the belt level you are going for. And the instructor SHOULD watch how they roll before giving out a promotion if at a seminar.

Thanks for all the responses. I think my views prior to this thread were along the lines of Hunter V's post.

Bjjfighter19, as a student and club owner I am interested in this issue for many reasons. The issues surrounding belt promotions and affiliations is a complicated one. I come from an academy where all the Black Belts are world class having won at major competitions. However, not everyone can be a champ, and it is probably unfair to demand that of them. so I look to this forum for some perspective.

Yeah kashk your right !

what I got from this post is the belts given are what "miz " posted and tell me if this is something Royler Gracie would do , no better yet ask yourself. I already know why your so intrested in this promotion ,let it go man ,let it go !

I heard the same thing about Gabriel Moraes too. He won the worlds as a blue belt last year and then won it this year as a black belt.

Miz, did you get your purple after 4 months of training or 4 months after you got your blue belt?

Kashk, just curious, how does Wagnney grade? Can you advance if you don't compete?



Wagnney is tough with grading and it's good for the

I say complete and show your skills. If your young
you should still be able to perform. If your getting
older then what you give to the sport and others in
the sport should come into play. But I stress
performance is key. This is BJJ and the belts should
mean something.

I asked Wagnney and he said, he grades based on the students ability and goals. The greater the ability and goals the tougher the standard. However, he keeps it in perspective that a certain level of knowledge and technique must be met for each belt.