How long should my jaw hurt?

Hmmm... if it is not one thing it is another.

I was more relaxed for my last bout of sparring (I am without the headaches and head soreness from being too tense), but I did hurt my jaw.

For the first two days eating hurt, and now, just about one week later, it still hurts when I open my mouth really wide to yawn.

When I open my mouth wide, it feels like my jaw slides and "shifts" to the left. Is it just one of those things that will go away with time, or did I really f*ck something up?

Since I have another bout of sparring tomorrow, I don't imagine that my jaw is gonna get any better anytime soon.


Keep your mouth closes while sparring!

I got cought once with my mouth open while being hit in the jaw, had to drink soup for about a week!

i've gotten that, got better after only a couple days.

Keats is correct. I got CLOCKED with a right hand with my mouth open. Hurt all the way up to my temples.

Happened to me too. Took a few days to heal. The
strange part is now if I'm tired and open my mouth
too wide to yawn it'll pop and hurt for a few days

Hah! My jaw pops constantly when I eat. I cant tell you how many girlfriends have looked at me strangely when we sit down for a quiet dinner for the first time.

It all stems from getting seriously clocked in the jaw many years ago. I could hardly talk for a week, then I yawned and it popped so hard, that I thought it broke, but it no longer hurt.

Since then, whenever I'm eating... pop, pop, pop. Lol, you'd think my dumb ass would not be boxing again now that I'm nearly 37 huh?