How Long till Trilla puts on a MMA show ๐Ÿ™ˆ

And what โ€œYouTubersโ€ , ex pros and celebrities get involved.

Rogan Vs Snipes in 2031


Mark Calloway (Undertaker)
Black belt since 2011 under Rolles


Chuck Norris (black beltch under Machado bros)
30yrs of JJ

In a MMA)BJJ hybrid match

Tito will be in on it 100%, perhaps Tito Vs Chuck 7 headlining.

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Ortiz vs Belfort 2

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Royce Vs Shamrock

Royce Vs Hughes

Royce Vs Saku

Sylvia Vs Arlovski 5

Dada 5000 Vs Kimboโ€™s hologram


Tito vs Rampage
Chuck vs Ken Shamrock
Askren vs Nate Robinson (interlude match: bareknuckle boxing)
Herschel Walker vs Jose Canseco
IG thot vs IG thot
Beefing rappers vs each other


McKorkle vs Struve 2
NYBA vs Lindland 2
Cain vs Lesnar 2

I think snoop dogg is pissing off a lot of fans who will either illegally stream it or ignore them altogether. They should ditch his racist old ass.