How many BJJ BlackBelts

How many BJJ BlackBelts do you estimate in US (in world?) How about in ten years any speculations?

10 years ago there were barely any bjj bb. Ten years later its not that big a deal to have 3-4 in any city in north america.

With the huge amount of purples and browns out there now I wouldnt be surprised if bjj bb in 10 years from now were a dime a dozen.

In the big cities, sure... in any city? I think that is over stating it.

You're right, I didnt literally mean any city.

I stand corrected.

i think the general public will be less concerned with just having a black belt. instructors will have to be champions as well.

10 years ago I don't think there were any BJJ Blackbelts in Australia.  Now we have around 14 Australian BJJ Black Belts (though one now resides in the Phillipines).  There are also around 7 or so Brazilian BJJ Black Belts.  That's over 20 BJJ Black Belts... Things are looking up...