How many UFCs have there been?

I know a long time age Ron "The Black Dragan" Van Something said that he sees UFC 100 someday. Now that we are about to have UFC 100, I'm wondering how many UFCs there have really been? Yes, I know the obvious answer is 100 (or currently 99) but that's not really right. We didn't count at least 2 Ultimate Ultimates, UFC Japan, UFC Brazil, UFC Fight Nights, and I'm probably missing some. So how many have there really been?

And if you count in everything, which UFC really was # 100? One of you geeks will know.

There a couple of .5 shows too.

Look it up on Sherdog. I'm busy organizing my comic book collection.


 I know that on July 11, the UFC is 100 years old.  Doesn't seem like it.

According to the very reliable Wikipedia UFC 100 is actually the 133 UFC event held. The legitimate 100th event was UFC 78.

Dongbar - According to the very reliable Wikipedia UFC 100 is actually the 133 UFC event held. The legitimate 100th event was UFC 78.

Oh, so I guess we're not counting UFC Iran events? 

link is from and shows every event

 Jun-20-2009  The Ultimate Fighter® Team US vs Team UK FINALE  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Jun-13-2009  UFC® 99 THE COMEBACK  Cologne, Germany    

May-23-2009  UFC® 98 EVANS vs MACHIDA  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Apr-18-2009  UFC® 97 REDEMPTION  Montreal, Canada    

Apr-1-2009  UFC® Fight Night™ Condit vs Kampmann  Nashville, TN    

Mar-7-2009  UFC® 96 JACKSON vs JARDINE  Columbus, OH    

Feb-21-2009  UFC® 95 SANCHEZ vs STEVENSON  London, United Kingdom    

Feb-7-2009  UFC® Fight Night™ Lauzon vs Stephens  Tampa, Florida    

Jan-31-2009  UFC® 94 ST-PIERRE VS PENN 2  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Jan-17-2009  UFC® 93 FRANKLIN vs HENDERSON  Dublin, Ireland    

Dec-27-2008  UFC® 92 THE ULTIMATE 2008  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Dec-13-2008  The Ultimate Fighter® Finale Team Nog vs Team Mir  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Dec-10-2008  UFC® Fight Night™ FIGHT FOR THE TROOPS  Fort Bragg, NC    

Nov-15-2008  UFC® 91 COUTURE vs LESNAR  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Oct-25-2008  UFC® 90 SILVA vs COTE  Chicago, IL    

Oct-18-2008  UFC® 89 BISPING vs LEBEN  Birmingham, United Kingdom    

Sep-17-2008  UFC® Fight Night™ Diaz vs Neer  Omaha, NE    

Sep-6-2008  UFC® 88 BREAKTHROUGH  Atlanta, GA    

Aug-9-2008  UFC® 87 SEEK AND DESTROY  Minneapolis, MN    

Jul-19-2008  UFC® Silva vs Irvin   Las Vegas, Nevada    

Jul-5-2008  UFC® 86 JACKSON vs GRIFFIN  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Jun-21-2008  The Ultimate Fighter T Rampage vs T Forrest Finale  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Jun-7-2008  UFC® 85 BEDLAM  London, United Kingdom    

May-24-2008  UFC® 84 ILL WILL  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Apr-19-2008  UFC® 83 Serra vs St-Pierre 2  Montreal, Canada    

Apr-2-2008  UFC® Fight Night™ Kenny Florian vs Joe Lauzon  Broomfield, CO    

Mar-1-2008  UFC® 82 PRIDE OF A CHAMPION  Columbus, OH    

Feb-2-2008  UFC® 81 BREAKING POINT  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Jan-23-2008  UFC® Fight Night™ Swick vs Burkman  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Jan-19-2008  UFC® 80: RAPID FIRE  Newcastle, England    

Dec-29-2007  UFC® 79 NEMESIS  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Dec-8-2007  Ultimate Fighter® Team Serra vs Team Hughes Finale  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Nov-17-2007  UFC® 78 VALIDATION  Rutherford, NJ    

Oct-20-2007  UFC® 77 HOSTILE TERRITORY  Cincinnati, OH    

Sep-22-2007  UFC® 76 KNOCKOUT  Anaheim, CA    

Sep-19-2007  UFC® Fight Night™: Din Thomas vs Kenny Florian   Las Vegas, Nevada    

Sep-8-2007  UFC® 75 CHAMPION VS CHAMPION  London, United Kingdom    

Aug-25-2007  UFC® 74 RESPECT  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Jul-7-2007  UFC® 73 STACKED  Sacramento, CA    

Jun-23-2007  The Ultimate Fighter® 5 Finale  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Jun-16-2007  UFC® 72: VICTORY  Belfast, Northern Ireland    

Jun-12-2007  UFC® Fight Night™: Sam Stout vs Spencer Fisher  Hollywood, FL    

May-26-2007  UFC® 71: LIDDELL VS. JACKSON  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Apr-21-2007  UFC® 70: NATIONS COLLIDE  Manchester, England    

Apr-7-2007  UFC® 69: SHOOTOUT  Houston, TX    

Apr-5-2007  UFC® Fight Night™ Stevenson vs Guillard  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Mar-3-2007  UFC® 68: THE UPRISING  Columbus, OH    

Feb-3-2007  UFC® 67: ALL OR NOTHING  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Jan-25-2007  UFC® Fight Night™ Rashad Evans vs Sean Salmon  Hollywood, FL    

Dec-30-2006  UFC® 66: LIDDELL VS. ORTIZ  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Dec-13-2006  UFC® Fight Night™ Sanchez vs. Riggs  Miramar, CA    

Nov-18-2006  UFC® 65: BAD INTENTIONS  Sacramento, CA    

Nov-11-2006  The Ultimate Fighter® 4 Finale  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Oct-14-2006  UFC® 64: UNSTOPPABLE  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Oct-10-2006  Ortiz vs. Shamrock 3 - The Final Chapter  Hollywood, FL    

Sep-23-2006  UFC® 63: Hughes vs. Penn  Anaheim, CA    

Aug-26-2006  UFC® 62: LIDDELL VS. SOBRAL  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Aug-17-2006  UFC® Fight Night™ 6  Las Vegas, NV    

Jul-8-2006  UFC® 61: Bitter Rivals  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Jun-28-2006  UFC® Fight Night™ 5  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Jun-24-2006  The Ultimate Fighter® 3 Finale  Las Vegas, Nevada    

May-27-2006  UFC® 60: Hughes vs. Gracie  Los Angeles, California    

Apr-15-2006  UFC® 59: Reality Check  Anaheim, CA    

Apr-6-2006  UFC® Fight Night™ 4  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Mar-4-2006  UFC® 58: USA vs. Canada  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Feb-4-2006  UFC® 57: Liddell vs Couture 3  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Jan-16-2006  UFC® Fight Night™ 3  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Nov-19-2005  UFC® 56: Full Force  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Nov-5-2005  The Ultimate Fighter® 2 Finale  Las Vegas, Nevada    

 Oct-7-2005  UFC® 55: Fury  Uncasville, Connecticut    

Oct-3-2005  UFC® Fight Night™ 2  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Aug-20-2005  UFC® 54: Boiling Point  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Aug-6-2005  UFC® Fight Night™ 1  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Jun-4-2005  UFC® 53: Heavy Hitters  Atlantic City, N.J.    

Apr-16-2005  UFC® 52: Couture vs. Liddell II  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Apr-9-2005  Ultimate Fighter® I Finale  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Feb-5-2005  UFC® 51: Super Saturday  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Oct-22-2004  UFC® 50: The War of 04  Atlantic City, N.J.    

Aug-21-2004  UFC® 49: Unfinished Business  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Jun-19-2004  UFC® 48: Payback  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Apr-2-2004  UFC® 47: IT`S ON  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Jan-31-2004  UFC® 46: Super Natural  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Nov-21-2003  UFC® 45: Revolution  Uncasville, Connecticut    

Sep-26-2003  UFC® 44: Undisputed  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Jun-6-2003  UFC® 43: Meltdown  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Apr-25-2003  UFC® 42: Sudden Impact  Miami, Florida    

Feb-28-2003  UFC® 41: Onslaught  Atlantic City, N.J.    

Nov-22-2002  UFC® 40: Vendetta  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Sep-27-2002  UFC® 39: The Warriors Return  Uncasville, Connecticut    

Jul-13-2002  UFC® 38: Brawl At The Hall  London, United Kingdom    

Jun-22-2002  UFC® 37.5 :As Real As It Gets  Las Vegas, NV    

May-10-2002  UFC® 37: High Impact  Bossier City, Louisana    

Mar-22-2002  UFC® 36: Worlds Collide  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Jan-11-2002  UFC® 35: Throwdown  Uncasville, Connecticut    

Nov-2-2001  UFC® 34: High Voltage  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Sep-28-2001  UFC® 33: Victory In Vegas  Las Vegas, Nevada    

Jun-29-2001  UFC® 32: Showdown In The Meadowlands  East Rutherford, New Jersey   

May-4-2001  UFC® 31: Locked & Loaded  Atlantic City, New Jersey 

Feb-23-2001  UFC® 30: The Battle On The Boardwalk  Atlantic City, New Jersey  

Dec-16-2000  UFC® 29: Defense Of The Belts  Tokyo    

Nov-17-2000  UFC® 28: High Stakes  Atlantic City, New Jersey    

Sep-22-2000  UFC® 27: Ultimate Bad Boyz  New Orleans, Louisiana    

Jun-9-2000  UFC® 26: Ultimate Field Of Dreams  Cedar Rapids, Iowa    

Apr-14-2000  UFC® 25: Ultimate Japan 3  Tokyo    

Mar-10-2000  UFC® 24: First Defense  Lake Charles, Louisiana    

Nov-19-1999  UFC® 23: Ultimate Japan 2  Tokyo    

Sep-24-1999  UFC® 22: There Can Be Only One Champion  Lake Charles, Louisiana 

Jul-16-1999  UFC® 21: Return Of The Champions  Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

May-7-1999  UFC® 20: Battle For The Gold  Birmingham, Alabama

Mar-5-1999  UFC® 19: Young Guns  St. Louis, Mississippi 

Jan-8-1999  UFC® 18: Road To The Heavyweight Title  New Orleans, Louisiana   

Oct-16-1998  Ultimate Brazil  Sao Paulo 

May-15-1998  UFC® 17: Redemption  Mobile, Alabama 

Mar-13-1998  UFC® 16: Battle In The Bayou  New Orleans, Louisiana 

Dec-21-1997  Ultimate Japan 1  Yokohama  

Oct-17-1997  UFC® 15: Collision Course  St. Louis, Mississippi  

Jul-27-1997  UFC® 14: Showdown  Birmingham, Alabama 

May-30-1997  UFC® 13: The Ultimate Force  Augusta, Georgia 

Feb-7-1997  UFC® 12 Judgement Day  Dothan, AL 

Dec-7-1996  Ultimate Ultimate 96  Birmingham, Alabama 

Sep-20-1996  UFC® 11: The Proving Ground  Augusta, Georgia 

Jul-12-1996  UFC® 10: The Tournament  Birmingham, Alabama  

May-17-1996  UFC® 9: Motor City Madness  Detroit, Michigan  

Feb-16-1996  UFC® 8: David vs. Goliath  San Juan 

Dec-16-1995  Ultimate Ultimate 95  Denver, Colorado 

Sep-8-1995  UFC® 7: The Brawl In Buffalo  Buffalo, New York   

Jul-14-1995  UFC® 6: Clash Of The Titans  Casper, Wyoming  

Apr-7-1995  UFC® 5: Return Of The Beast  Charlotte, North Carolina  

Dec-16-1994  UFC® 4: Revenge Of The Warriors  Tulsa, Oklahoma  

Sep-9-1994  UFC® 3: The American Dream  Charlotte, North Carolina  

Mar-11-1994  UFC® 2: No Way Out  Denver, Colorado 

Nov-12-1993  UFC® 1: The Beginning  Denver, Colorado 


Rick Storm has nailed it.

 This is a trick question right? I mean ... really ...

No it's not a trick question, but all this UFC 100 crap got me thinking. Interesting to know that UFC 78 was really the 100th UFC.