How many wins does Babalu need?

lol at me not being able to go out wherever i want. I will just take MArco everywhere I go!

I Actually think that will be an interesting fight. I KNOW Babalu really wants to fight Tito. He has told me that a bunch. I beleive that Babalu has supererior skills to Tito in all aspects of fighting. Wrestling , Kickboxing, and Subs. What do you think?

I like the matchup. Good test for both fighters.

yeah, his ass looked like 240lbs of chewed bubblegum. he used to be fat

his top game is too boring. i don't think that he tried to pass gaurd one time in that IFC tourney.

double leg...slow gnp...ref stands them up....double leg...slow gnp...ref stands them up...wash.rinse.repeat.

although his bottom game was very active.


i think babalu is the man.

i think tito would beat him more often than not.

i also believe if this fight ever happens there will be a MASS of shittalk between you and the youknowwho boys with many possible fisticuffs leading up to and after the fight itself.

i mean, its not like there is no tension right now huh?

dynamic duo!! LOL.

lol, 3-0 now , bring it bitches!!

How would tito win?? Babalu is a superior wrestler, he can sub people, and he has better standup for sure. The only person Tito sucessfully stood up with was Ken, (40 years old, bad knee at the time).
Tito has beaten Ken , Guy, Kondo, and silva.
compare that to Pele, Horn, Shogun, Prangley, Mo Smith, TK,and Tamura.

maybe next time babalu will take his ufc fight more seriously then and not be wasted in a hotel lobby in the middle of the night next time before he fights then huh?

or be out in LA when none of his teammates know it partying it up a week before?

maybe huh! lol i havent smoked crack or anyhthing like that for 2 months, and i won. i guess it works

i doubt its been two whole months, you love the glass cock!

LOL, Babalu is a way better wrestler than Tito. Tito, NCAA div 1, didn't do that well, 2x california Junior college champion. Babalu 4x National Brazilian wrestling champ, 1998 south african wrestling champ, and wrestled in the pan ams. Striking, Babalu by default on that one, also Babalu was a Brazilian national thai boxing champ, Subs- Babalu no doubt there, heart, Babalu can't be touched on that one overall fight, Babalu by KO or bloody beatdown on the ground. No more shittalking, just set it up UFC or Pride.

P. S. Erik Apple e-mail me about the UFC gloves please, my e-mail is



Babalu's wrestling so underrated, i think it's cause he likes to mix it up on the feet so he gets taken down a bit. But what his fight with Elvis, those are some of the nicest double legs i have ever seen in MMA

Watch the IFC Tourney, he tosses Prangley real nasty, plus has a grip of aweswome takedowns on Horn, prangley, and Shogun.. He also hits a tight ass peak out (duck under) on Prangley.

Babalu should be in Pride right now. Period.

lol at HB


Babalu is one of my favorite fighters. I want to see that IFC again so bad. Prangly, Shogun, and Horn in one night. One of the toughest nights in history. He definatly had the toughest road to the finals and he came through big time.