How many wins does Babalu need?

In the last 13 months, Babalu has beaten Trevor Prangley (otherwise undefeated), Marcelo Azevedo, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua (otherwise undefeated) Jeremy Horn (all around stud) and Pele.

How many wins over top guys is it going to take to be invited back to UFC, or to Pride?? He also has wins over Tamura (2X) Mo Smith, Sinosic, and TK.

UFC doesnt really invite people back after they boot them. I could see him in Pride, but not really UFC.

That'd be a great matchup! TTT for Babalu v. Tito.


Many fighters have been dropped by the UFC only to resurface later. If they hadn't pulled out, Mezger and Telligman would have been the latest.

Ya... it happens but its rare. Mezger was brought back ONLY for Tito, and as part of a story line. I dont know of any story lines with Babalu and anyone in UFC. Severn too was brought back, but it was story line... Same thing with Shamrock, and Tank.

But most of the guys brought back were pretty big names, that they could make a headline match out of.

Babalu should really have his management working to get him in Pride. UFC should be an afterthought.

Striclty economics.

I think babalu would beat Tito

I think Babalu would definitely beat Tito!

UFC needs more blood in the light heavies. Babulu would be a great addition. Another top-tier fighter to add to the big four.

I agree bring Babula back to UFC.

Babalu is great, and definately deserves to fight in Pride or the UFC. However, he will not beat Chuck, Randy, QJ, or Silva.

I tend to agree with UVRay

With everyone crying about Tito's performance at 50, I can only imagine the insults Babalu would take, since he is Tito with less damaging GnP.

hes fighting in the UK next month!

No shit, Babalu needs to be in UFC or Pride. Babalu is the man.

the day this fight is made is the day apple would hide till the fight is over due to all the massive shit talking that would come out of his mouth about certain people around here and he would no longer be able to go to clubs anymore without looking over his shoulder 24/7.

tell me im wrong apple. lol.


hey went through shogun AND horn in the same night! if that doesn't get you a couple more shots in the big show, i don't know what does!

This guy should definitely be in the UFC mix.

what fight shiloh?? Babalu vs. Tito?

lol yes