how much do you pay...?

how much do you pay to train bjj/mma?

I pay $80 for bjj, plus $70 to train at a boxing i'm considering joining a fitness club, which would cost another $70.

Just wondering what everyone else pays, and if it would be worth it for me to join another gym.

where do you train, and is that US$ or Can$?

Typical price in Toronto is around $100/month for BJJ.

I pay $100 for training at my BJJ club. I would pay more..just dont tell my instructor.

i think i pay $90 per month for BJJ and i pay $25 per session for personal MT lessons. which i have taken the last year off of because of the money, but im starting again this weekend.


most at the place I train at pay $75 a month. More senior people were grandfathered in at $60


10000 yen a month(90 USD) for unlimited 7 days a week with 3 sessions available per day.