How much do you pay?

$100 per month unlimited BJJ 6 days a week and $5 per session at affiliated kickboxing gym.

I personally hate class structured gyms. If you can't make a certain time then you're basically cheeked out.

The place I train at now is basically a private gym. There is a dungeon-like entrance behind a rusted grey steel door on a busy avenue. Its kind of funny when you enter and leave cuz the people who walk by try to get a glimpse inside, trying to figure out where the hell you just came from. But anyway, my trainer does no advertising at all and hand picks the people he wants in the gym. Since the gym is situated in a "Yo, run ya pockets!" kind of area, he turns away a lot of guys who want to train for the wrong reasons, keeping all the riff raff away. Its open 8am-8pm, trainer is there all day, so you have no excuse if you don't make it in to train. Bikes, treadmills, weights, a ring and a convenient cemetary 2 blocks away. Cemetary, you ask? Well its roughly 4 miles and change in circumference, so basically thats where we do our roadwork. You can train 12 hours a day, 6 days a week in Muay Thai and boxing for 100-150 a month, not a bad deal for a gym in NYC.


120 a month for bjj. Well worth it.

I pay 140 for unlimted for myself and 80 for my son plus privates for my son and my self.

20 a month for Judo plus 50 a year for usjf membership
40 per three months bjj since i take it at school

80 a month for four times a week of BJJ.

$100 a month but i paid the year in full @ fairtex.unlimited muay thai with ganyao,jongsanan,enn,etc,.unlimited no-gi bjj and mma with jake shields and gilbert unlimited boxing and yoga.i think its $130 if u do monthly.

Wow...that Fairtex deal is niiiice

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I train for free