How much $$$ does Severn get?

He's 53 years old now but he fought 8 times this year.

$5K - upfront.

I would assume it depends on a variety of things- promotion, opponent, amount of travel involved, etc

ttt for a legend... THE BEAST

I doubt that Dan needs the money.

I did the WWF for the pay check and impressed me as a smart guy who planned on investing well

The WFV or Chad Neal paid him $10,000 to come out to ND for a fight this past April.

I fought a bunch of ammy fights for Severn in the Dangerzone, also went up to train at his gym when Rashad Evans was still there... I remember asking someone who was working with his management group about this and at the time it was $5000... But thats for him fighting a nobody, and thats like 5 years ago...