How much roadwork?

I often wondered how much roadwork do boxers
put in, leading up to a fight. How many miles do the
fighters typically run a day/per week? And does this
part of the training vary with each weight-class?

It does not vary with weight class, it various on how
many rounds you are scheduled to fight. But there
is more to just the distance. Learn about intervals,
sprints, etc.

I would guess most pros run inbetween 5-7 miles.
Back in the old days, they ran much greater
distances. But naturally you risk overtraining. As an
amateur, I used to run about 4 miles.

You used to run 4 miles for a fight? Is that all?

I do 3 2 minute rounds as an amatuer,I'll do 3 miles a day plus sprints.

yes, for a three round fight that was enough.
I used to spar 4 minute rounds for added stamina.

Kenny Weldon says never more than 1/2 an hour.

Marvin Hagler used to run incredible distances, on the sand, wearing combat boots. But then again, he was Marvin Hagler.

Ali and Norton used to run in combat boots too.
And neither ever developed knee problems.

I always heard 1 mile for every round you were going to fight. Don't know if that's true though. I never ran more than a couple of miles getting ready for anything I did, but that was kickboxing or MMA. I mainly did wind sprints and stuff like that.

Distance work is important, but training methods have changed a lot since the days of the old-time fighters. Boxing is primarily anaerobic. A boxer should mix in some interval work throughout the week to develop the anaerobic endurance that he needs to fight at a fast pace, round after round. We fight in 3 minute intervals, with 1 minute rest. You can run intervals of 400, 600, or 800 meters with 1 minute of rest between each interval. This form of running is very demanding but also very effective. You can mix in a few days of brisk paced distance work with your interval training.

Ross - RossBoxing

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What about running with hand weights? Yes or no?

tapoutartist- I heard the same thing about the ankle weights. Maybe hand weights are better

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Ran with ankle weights in high school, and my knees were fine. 2-1/2 lbs each-- longest run was 40 minutes. But you might want to try just walking with them first.