how much would a.....

fitch fight make on ppv? him against say a josh burkman, promoted for one year in the ufc?


now ask yourself this, does anyone on here make close to 176k per year? My wife makes that and pays taxes too. He wants millions just because? do you even know the profit margins for ppv's?

before you get your nickers in a twist google the GSP Makes 5 million per fight story, then if you are still angry you can start crying and I won't pick on you.

and why does the FACT that they dish out more money every year go unsung?


About tree fiddy.

I'd watch that or free.99ยข Phone Post 3.0

Need more info to make a hypothesis.

the only exciting Fitch fights were the ones he ended up KO'd in...



who got the kanji on the chest first.. GSP or FItch.....


I wont and would not willingly pay for a Jon Fitch fight period. I cant stand fighters who dont go out there to FINISH. It doesnt have to be a sloppy Forrest/Bonnar kickboxing match, I just like it when fighters go to finish, not lay n pray for a judges decision.

Im not saying that fights that go to decision are bad either (Fedor/CroCop, Nog/Couture, Shogun/Hendo etc etc etc etc are some of the best fights EVER), but come the fuck on man.

A guy who draws minimal extra buys and makes many many less motivated to buy.
He's been given a title shot and after losing got number 1 contender fight, all the while never finishing and creating the boring low point of pretty much every event he was on .
This guy feels hard done by ? Phone Post 3.0