How often should you spar?

We all have heard about the battles at Miletich and Chute Boxe and we all know the reasons to spar. But how crucial would you guys say sparring is, for example a guy like Sergio Martinez may only spar 2-3 per camp but then other guys may spar once or even twice a week.

What do you guys feel is a smart amount to spar? Phone Post 3.0

Depends if you are sparring Chute Boxe/MFS style or not

Bootsy Collins - Depends if you are sparring Chute Boxe/MFS style or not
Let's say you're not. But generally people do atleast one hard sparring session a week. Is that necessary? Phone Post 3.0

3 days a week , but only one day is hard sparring Phone Post 3.0

StocktonStickerSlap - Once a week hard with 4 oz gloves Phone Post 3.0

We would never have sparred hard with 4 oz bar in the run up to a fight. And even then it wasn't 100%

4 tines a week full contact

Jk Phone Post 3.0

Once a week hard.

Muay thai 2x a week pretty hard Phone Post 3.0

I spar about 4 times a week. Mostly light to medium. Saturday MMA is generally very fast and light. If you include BJJ rolling as sparring then double my answer. Phone Post 3.0