How to BREAK someone's ribs... BRUTAL video

This move is very dangerous. I have a Greco Roman Wrestling buddy show me this and I couldn't wait to try it out. I have tried it for a few weeks now and it has made all my training partners scream so far. Very nasty... be sure to take care and not hurt your training partner.

-DISCLAIMER- This video is for entertainment purposes only. Replicating the movements within the video may cause serious injury and even death. The producer of this video is not responsible for any injuries by those that attempt to use this move.

Good luck in training and take care of your training partners

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Franco Behring Jiu Jitsu! I got started in martial arts at a Franco Behring school.

Great technique and I'll give it a try in training. Thanks

@ Porkchop... cool.

Where was that at?

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its called a west point. Used to use it a lot in high school(freestyle not collegiate).

Yes! West Point ride.


Not sure when they made it illegal to use - but we were doing it in the early to mid 90's out in japan. At our (high school) level we mainly used it as a pinning combo - running it clockwise and stacking the opponent.

Seem to remember Arsen Fadzaev using it a lot, as a tilt, gut wrench and on some occasion as a throw (guys trying to stand)

I did that on my wife in bed tonight.

I finally made her scream! Phone Post

Nice,thanks for those vids.

Old guy in the second video wanted that kids ribs to spill out on the floor. Damn Phone Post

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Has anyone tried this live yet? Phone Post

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I've done it live rolling, not in a tournament yet.

I went slow but the guy still screamed.

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