how to do the box drill properlly?

in the saved threads stlnl wrote

"There is a very simple drill you can do to get used to moving and throwing punches. It is called a box drill. Anytime you want to step in a direction you use the foot furthest in that direction to lead the step. Meaning in a conventional; stance forward starts with left foot, back starts with right, etc. To start step in the desirted direction, as the foot making the step moves the jab snaps out, as the jab recovers to your face slide the non stepping foot up (or back, or to the side, etc.) Best way to work this is 4 steps forward, 4 steps to the left, 4 back , and 4 steps to the right, thus "painting" a box on the floor. Increase the pace as you get better and eventually throw 2-3 punches after the jab/foot recovery. My advice is doing at least 100 complete boxes at least once a week for a while. This will make a HUGE difference sparring and make moving and punching effortless. "

I understand how to do the forward step with the jab, but whats the correct procedure for stepping to the side and stepping back?

If you want to step to the right, move your right
foot first. If you want to step back, move your rear foot first.

so if i move to the left i move my left foot to the left and then drag/shuffle my right to follow its path.

Yes, basically anytime you are jabbing and stepping, you try to time the jab to land as your foot hits. You ALWAYS step with the foot that is farthest in the direction you are stepping ( right- right foot first, back wards-rear foot first, etc). This is a basic drill and really helps you move your feet and attack/defend at the same time in the long run. In the short run it builds a foundation for footwork and balance.

You'll know the difference if you spend a week doing it. 20 minutes three times a day for a week or ten days. Now get to work.