How to do the perfect North South Choke (It´s a choke not a crank;-))

The North South Choke is a classic choke that lost some of his popularity in recent years. But make no mistake, this technique is a powerful and clean Choke that can enrich your game a lot. In this video, I show you how to maximize your leverage to apply the perfect North South Choke.


I end up in n-s a lot but I can never land this choke. I am going to give this a shot next open mat, thanks!

If you get the position/technique right, you can finish with one arm. Its more a gentle squeeze than crush

Marcelo is a master at this


4 ltr

For later, ive been getting into the n/s a ton lately


I hit the NS choke so much that it’s become a crutch. Like, I can just spam it over and over and over again, and it works. I try to get away from it, but I can’t. It’s my most hit sub by a wide margin. I can’t even think what 2nd place would be.



Any advice for my main issues, when:

  1. Their big bridge/push has me rolled over towards my choking-arm side. (so i try to spread my legs wide to defend that)
  2. they ‘prop me up’ with their arms, so i can’t sink down/slide-back. (so i give up and move on). They might even get me with an ezekial if i hang out too long. I feel like i need to always clear / get above their arms entirely.

For #1, get your weight off of them. When north / south, think of creating space between their hips and your hips. This means less of your body weight is on their torso and closer to your head. This way, if they bridge, they make the choke deeper. If they still manage to bridge you over, try loosening your grip on their neck so they go to their belly and you let them and then transition to a guillotine.

For #2, that’s about setup. If in side control, clear their arms before going north south. If you don’t, what you describe can happen. You can also shift your weight when on top to clear the arms. Hard to describe exactly.

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Thats kuzure-kami-shiho-gatame to you OP