How to "lower" BP andHR in 2-3day?


So I decided to switch to 3rd shift (it'll be a job that involves lifting, etc) so I'll have more time to train, I went to a staffing place after doing the strength and dexterity tests they offered me a job assuming everything else checks out. After filling out some paperwork they took my Blood Pressure and Heart Rate, I have a naturally high Heart Rate even when my cardio is excellent my BP also tends to be high since I'm always moving. Anyway blahblah it was too high so I told them I took some caffeine that morning.


The part to read.

I am going back monday morning to have my Blood Pressure taken. I need some natural and other such substances/drugs that'll considerably lower my Blood Pressure and Heart Rate temporarily. They drug test for Benzos so xanax and valium are out. I'm thinking valerian root will help lower it (if you know for fact it will not tell me) and I'm going to look into melatonin. My friend has some metoprolol (blood pressure medication) and another type the name starts with a B but I can't recall what it is, I need to know if metoprolol acts within 2-3 days or has to build up in the body. Any drug or supplement suggestions work are greatly appreciated.

I have until monday, thanks for the help.



Good suggestion Tex, but something tells me they'll test for Opioids/Opiates as well.

37 fish sticks - Sounds good.. probably would relax me actually.

I'm actually going to do the meditation thing before hand, that should lower it considerably. Anyone know if OTC sleepaids/motion sickness meds would have any effect on BP?

tell them you have white coat syndrome - it may even be true.  It just means that having your BP taken makes you anxious and raises your BP. 

Thanks. I was thinking of saying having my BP taken makes me nervous, good to know there's a label for it. I'll definetly look into doing that?

How about diet? I know what not to eat but what should I eat? I'm thinking tons of berries, lots of greens, and lots of salmon/fish oil.

I've heard Taurine, an amino acid, is good to naturally lower BP. Take 5-10 grams per day. Not sure if it needs to build up. Also L-arginine and NO can help lowering BP.

IF you smoke or dip, cut it out for the day

No stimulants

sit down for awhile and concentrate on lowering it like yoga. Don't think, just relax.

Just breathe slowly and calm down.