How to order Bas tapes?

What is the best way to order Bas Rutten's training tapes? A last minute Christmas gift. Thanks. KOB. They got what you need

lol 8.5

jujubre- What the fuck does that mean?

man it means that you can see advertising about Bas books amost everywhere in this site and you ask this question.

Yell "LIVER KICK!!" really loud and he will come.


jujubre- Fuck you

"LIVER KICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

*me screaming*

Clicking on the add right above the box where you type these
replies should work...

Ah. When I was typing there was the Bas ad that's plastered all
over this site.

lol @ bubbaraygracies screenname.

Bas's "MMA Workout Tapes" moron. Not his books.

Maybe google can help you. Don't know if you've heard of the
search engine concept.

Your lame responses show your intelligence.