How To Shut Down Two Half Guard Passes

Ever since I produced my Half Guard Sweeps DVD I get asked all the time how to shut down these two guard passes. It's too difficult to explain it with words, so I filmed my answers and put it up onto Youtube.

Hope it helps somebody!

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Stephan Kesting  

That's great stuff, Stephan. Thanks.

Good stuff Stephan!

Did you receive my email yesterday?

 Mike, yes, thanks.  I'll get on it at the first opportunity.


the first one is difficult if his hips are under your armpit and if he's hooking your leg w/ his arm.

Me likey - valeu

Thanks for the video Stephan!





subscribed. Thx Stephan.

 Thanks for continuing to provide great training information, Stephen.

 Excellent stuff, Stephan.  Thanks!

hey thanks stephan...was having issues with that recently in training. will try this out

 that's funny.. I learned those 2 passes years ago from forum member Benzo (Dave Miller) and I used to use them like crazy as a new blue belt, but I haven't in years and all but forgot about them.. I need to start using them again! even if they do try to counter me now ;-)

Very nice. Thank you for posting those.

I agree, very nice....